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Jennifer Kent & Baykali Ganambarr Discuss The Film, "The Nightingale"

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"The Nightingale" is a meditation on the consequences of violence and the price of seeking vengeance. Set during the colonization of Australia in 1825, the film follows Clare (Aisling Franciosi), a 21-year-old Irish convict. Having served her 7-year sentence, she is desperate to be free of her abusive master, Lieutenant Hawkins (Sam Claflin), who refuses to release her from his charge. When British authorities fail to deliver justice after Hawkins commits a harrowing crime against Clare, she decides to pursue Hawkins and is forced to enlist the help of a young Aboriginal tracker Billy (Baykali Ganambarr). On their journey, they must learn to find empathy for one another, while weighing the true cost of revenge. Writer/director Jennifer Kent and star Ganambarr joined BUILD to have a conversation about the film.

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